The Westmoreland in the News

12/12/18 – The Westmoreland Museum hits the target with Circular Abstractions: Bull’s Eye Quilts (Pittsburgh City Paper)

12/3/18 – The Westmoreland Museum of American Art’s new quilt exhibit hits ‘bull’s eye’ (Trib Live)

11/12/18 – Westmoreland Museum admission now free to all (90.5 WESA)

9/21/18 – These artists can do–and teach (Post-Gazette)

8/23/18 – ‘Artists Who Teach’ showcased in new exhibit at The Westmoreland (Trib Live)

8/22/18 – The Best-Designed Museum in Every State in America (Architectural Digest)

8/16/18 – The Westmoreland’s Art Happens project expands to include Jeannette (Trib Live)

8/1/18 – Food trucks added to The Westmoreland’s free admission days (Trib Live)

6/27/18 – Westmoreland Museum appoints new director/CEO (Post-Gazette)

6/22/18 – The Westmoreland’s departing Judith O’Toole chooses works to add to collection (Trib Live)

6/15/18 – Greensburg bridge text project wins public art honor (Trib Live)

6/8/18 – Out & About: Art on Tap reveals new Atticus Adams work at The Westmoreland (Trib Live)

6/8/18 – Qualters, Perrott create Judy O’Toole portrait (Post-Gazette)

6/1/18 – Westmoreland, Brandywine museums used art draft to divvy up Scaife bequest (Post-Gazette)

5/31/18 – The Westmoreland honors retiring Director/CEO Judy O’Toole (Trib Live)

5/29/18 – Live art: Visitors can watch artist create installations in The Westmoreland (Trib Live)

5/24/18 – Westmoreland speaker urges audience to acknowledge biases, celebrate diversity (Trib Live)

5/16/18 – Community reception planned as The Westmoreland director retires (Trib Live)

5/9/18 – The Westmoreland Museum of American Art’s ‘draft’ picks make debut (Trib Live)

4/24/18 – Exhibition of works from Richard M. Scaife bequest to open at The Westmoreland (Trib Live)

4/12/18 – A walk on the arts side: The museum comes to the people in Greensburg ArtsWalk (Post-Gazette)

4/10/18 – First-ever arts walk showcases all Greensburg has to offer (Trib Live)

4/4/18 – Migration Photo Exhibit Showcases Similarity Over Strangeness (90.5 WESA)

3/23/18 – Free admission days help everyone see The Westmoreland (Trib Live)

3/17/18 – Dr. Johnnetta Betsch Cole to Visit Westmoreland County for “Diversity, Equity, Accessibility + Inclusion Matters” (Pittsburgh Urban Media)

3/8/18 – Beauty Slap bringing the funk to The Westmoreland on March 21 (Trib Live)

2/27/18 – Greensburg ArtsWalk on April 14 will celebrate thriving arts scene (Trib Live)

2/26/18 – Greensburg’s ‘Bridging the Gap’ poetry project seeks helping hands (Trib Live)

1/31/18 – 5 photographers capture ‘Emigration-Immigration-Migration’ (Post-Gazette)

1/26/18 – February free days at museums and cultural organizations for each other’s members (Trib Live)

1/22/18 – Migration Stories From the Stoops of Pittsburgh (The New York Times)

1/21/18 – Out & About: Westmoreland Museum hosts opening reception for “Emigration-Immigration-Migration” (Trib Live)

1/17/18 – In Trump’s America, The Westmoreland Dares to Take on Immigration Debate Through Art (Local Pittsburgh)

1/12/18 – Westmoreland Museum exhibit explores ‘Emigration-Immigration-Migration’ (Trib Live)

1/12/18 – Get caught up in the Westmoreland Museum of American Art’s latest exhibit (Trib Live)

12/23/17 – ‘Coal Breaker’: Artist’s wintry muse was the industrial landscape of Pennsylvania (Post-Gazette)

12/21/17 – What’s It Like to Be an Immigrant in Pittsburgh? (Pittsburgh Magazine)

12/21/17 – Sunbather mural graces Greensburg park in new ‘Art Happens’ project (Trib Live)

12/17/17 – Out & About: The Westmoreland hosts ‘Bone Forum’ holiday jazz concert (Trib Live)

12/10/17 – Out & About: A great American art success story (Trib Live)

12/5/17 – Art of the human figure shines at Westmoreland Museum (Post-Gazette)

12/3/17 – Out & About: Westmoreland Society purchases paintings (Trib Live)

11/23/17 – Shadows Matter, Too (Fine Art Connoisseur)

11/21/17 – Slow down and enjoy free Family Day at The Westmoreland Museum of American Art (Trib Live)

11/17/17 – Museum Store Sunday: Unique gift ideas close to home (Trib Live)

10/31/17 – Westmoreland Museum of American Art offers writing, drawing workshops (Trib Live)

10/27/17 – Why US museums are wild at art (The Telegraph)

10/26/17 – American Sculpture and the Classical Spirit (Fine Art Connoisseur)

10/23/17 – #SEENintheCity (Post-Gazette)

10/22/17 – Out & About: The Westmoreland’s Big Art Party offers a little of everything (Trib Live)

10/14/17 – Michael Nieland donates impressive sculpture collection to Westmoreland museum (Trib Live)

10/13/17 – Search is on to replace women who broke glass ceiling at three Pittsburgh-area museums (Post-Gazette)

10/13/17 – Catena Bergevin and Randall Oaks discuss Big Art Party and Museum events (The Hank Baughman Show, News Talk 1480 WCNS, interview begins at 31:18)

10/10/17 – What’s ‘Black, White & Art All Over?’ Check out The Westmoreland Museum of American Art and find out (Trib Live)

10/8/17 – Out & About: Westmoreland Museum of American Art presents ‘Timeless Perfection’ (Trib Live)

10/4/17 – Art Hot Pick: ‘A Timeless Perfection’ opens at The Westmoreland Museum of American Art (Trib Live)

9/24/17 – Out & About: Great American Music Series at The Westmoreland (Trib Live)

9/18/2017 – Bluegrass band to kick off Great American Music Series at The Westmoreland Museum (Trib Live)

9/7/2017 – O’Toole retiring as CEO of Westmoreland Museum of American Art (Pittsburgh Business Times)

9/7/2017 – Judith O’Toole to exit Westmoreland Museum after 25 years at the helm (Post-Gazette)

9/7/2017 – O’Toole retiring as head of Westmoreland Museum of American Art (Trib Live)

8/29/2017 – Museums At Your Fingertips (Mt. Lebanon Magazine)

8/29/2017 – Westmoreland museum in elite company for its redesign (Trib Live)

8/25/2017 – Second “Art Happens” installation appears at Greensburg city hall (Trib Live)

7/27/2017 – Great American Music Series to replace jazz concerts at The Westmoreland (Trib Live)

7/18/2017 – Habitat makes Little Free Library for The Westmoreland (Trib Live)

7/16/2017 – Out & About: Westmoreland Museum’s Art on Tap for July (Trib Live)

7/12/2017 – The Art of Movement at the Westmoreland Museum of American Art (Pittsburgh City Paper)

7/10/2017 – 10 Museum Designs Reach Out to Their Surrounding Communities (Urban Land Magazine)

5/10/2017 – A refined happy hour at The Westmoreland Museum of American Art (Trib Live)

5/3/2017 – ‘Welcome home,’ 16 new U.S. citizens told at naturalization ceremony in Greensburg (Trib Live)

5/3/2017 – Admission to The Westmoreland Museum of American Art is free on Wednesday evenings (Trib Live)

4/30/2017 – Out & About: Art as Fashion at the Westmoreland (Trib Live)

4/28/2017 – Greensburg museum of American art to serve as backdrop for citizenship ceremony (Trib Live)

4/26/2017 – Westmoreland Museum holds fashion weekend (Post-Gazette)

4/24/2017 – Works of art inspire beautiful fashions in event at The Westmoreland Museum of American Art (Trib Live)

4/8/2017 – New manager puts her stamp on shop at Westmoreland Museum of American Art (Trib Live)

4/1/2017 – Cultural tourism on the rise in Westmoreland County, Laurel Highlands (Trib Live)

3/26/2017 – Out & About: Stage Right holds its annual Heart of the Arts Gala (Trib Live)

3/26/2017 – A who’s who of early to mid-20th-century artists energizes Westmoreland exhibition (Post-Gazette)

3/17/2017 – The Carnegie and The Westmoreland pair art and yoga for an immersive experience (Trib Live)

3/16/2017 – Trump’s Budget Would Have Dire Effects On Local And Regional Arts Programs (Huffington Post)

3/4/2017 – The Westmoreland showcases modern masters (Trib Live)

2/22/2017 – Modern art show opens at Westmoreland Museum of American Art (Trib Live)

2/4/2017 – The Westmoreland Museum of American Art pays homage to American workers (Trib Live)

2/2/2017 – ‘America Works’: Exhibit aimes to show the workforce that built America (Herold-Standard)

2/1/2017 – The Westmoreland to host Poetry Out Loud Regional Finals (Trib Live)

1/30/2017 – ‘Bridging The Gap’ Poem Being Written On Greensburg Bridge (KDKA-TV News)

1/25/2017 – Kathleen Mulcahy and Sylvester Damianos impress, if differently, at the Westmoreland (Pittsburgh City Paper)

1/25/2017 – Artists Damianos and Mulcahy shine at Westmoreland (Post-Gazette)

1/15/2017 – Out & About: Big Brothers Big Sisters hosts Art on Tap (Trib Live)

1/4/2017 – Cassatt painting coming home to The Westmoreland Museum of American Art (Trib Live)

1/4/2017 – Artist Richard Stoner documents Westmoreland Museum of Art renovation (Post-Gazette)

1/1/2017 – Out & About: 10 great parties in Westmoreland County in 2016 (Trib Live)

12/24/2016 – A cold steel history rendered in oil (Post-Gazette)

12/18/2016 – Out & About: Westmoreland Jazz Society celebrates the holiday on a high note (Trib Live)

12/11/2016 – Art provides aid at The Westmoreland (Trib Live)

12/5/2016 – Exploring The Work Of Damianos And Mulcahy At The Westmoreland (Pittsburgh Quarterly)

12/2/2016 – 2 artists blend their works in Westmoreland exhibit (Trib Live)

11/27/2016 – Out & About: Greensburg Art and Shopping Crawl (Trib Live)

11/23/2016 – ‘Crawl’ through Greensburg to celebrate Small Business Saturday (Trib Live)

11/6/2016 – Out and About: ‘Opposites Attract’ (Trib Live)

10/30/2016 – Westmoreland museum set to present Opposites Attract (Latrobe Bulletin)

10/24/2016 – Major Traveling Exhibition on the Art of American Dance Makes Final Stop (ArtFixDaily)

10/24/2016 – #SEENintheCity (Post-Gazette)

10/23/2016 – Out & About: The Art of the Party (Trib Live)

10/18/2016 – The Westmoreland Museum to mark year of success with Big Art Party (Trib Live)

10/18/2016 – OPENING: Meditations on nature in Kathleen Mulcahy’s rich museum retrospective in Pennsylvania (UrbanGlass)

10/15/2016 – Original architectural design can be quite comfortable (Trib Live)

10/5/2016 – Westmoreland Museum of American Art’s bridge project takes step closer to reality (Trib Live)

9/28/2016 – American folk arts sparkle at The Westmoreland (Post-Gazette)

9/1/2016 – Westmoreland Museum of American Art among winners of the 2016 Chicago Athenaeum American Architecture Award (Ennead)

8/17/2016 – Folk Art Exhibit Offers Glimpse Into the 19th Century American Life (WESA 90.5 FM)

8/10/2016 – Personality Test: Barbara Jones (Trib Live)

7/27/2016 – The Laurel Highlands: Close Encounters of the Wright Kind (The Georgetowner)

7/27/2016 – In Frank Lloyd Wright Country, Architecture and Apple Pie (New York Times)

7/11/2016 – ‘A Shared Legacy: Folk Art’ Up at Westmoreland Museum (Antiques and the Arts Weekly)

7/8/2016 – Westmoreland’s folk art exhibit honors self-taught artists (Trib Live)

7/6/2016 – American Folk Art shines this weekend at The Westmoreland (Post-Gazette)

6/23/2016 – The Westmoreland Museum of American Art to Present A Shared Legacy: Folk Art in America (ArtFixDaily)

6/15/2016 – ‘Telling Tales’ exhibition illustrates the creation of a nations visual identity (Post-Gazette)

6/9/2016 – Westmoreland Museum of American Art expert enjoys hands-on role (Trib Live)

6/5/2016 – Mural at Westmoreland Museum of American Art invites visitors of all ages to express emotions (Trib Live)

5/31/2016 – Westmoreland Museum sets ‘Smile’ event, Mutiny tour (Trib Live)

5/23/2016 – Greensburg’s North Main Street bridge to display local artwork (Trib Live)

5/22/2016 – New buildings add to Greensburg’s landmark architectural designs (Trib Live)

5/2/2016 – Painting from The Westmoreland’s Collection to be Included in Mary Cassatt Retrospective in Japan (ArtFixDaily)

4/6/2016 – Glass artist Dale Chihuly subject of Westmoreland talk (Post-Gazette)

3/31/2016 – Westmoreland county hands out $387K in tourism grants (Trib Live)

3/24/2016 – Westmoreland County businesses, vacation spots to receive grant funds (Trib Live)

3/19/2016 – Westmoreland exhibit draws from American history (Trib Live)

3/15/2016 – Grab lunch, or a treat, while supporting Westmoreland museum (Trib Live)

3/7/2016 – Western Pa. institutions join in on Museum Day Live (Trib Live)

3/6/2016 – Out & About: Traveling exhibition brings 19th-century masterpieces to Greensburg museum (Trib Live)

3/2/2016 – ‘Telling Tales’ opens Saturday at The Westmoreland (Post-Gazette)

2/10/2016 – Last chance to see Scaife art bequest all together (Post-Gazette)

2/9/2016 – Westmoreland Museum of American Art (Architect Magazine)

2/5/2016 – Ennead Architects Renovated The Westmoreland Museum Of American Art In Pennsylvania (World Architecture Community)

2/5/2016 – Westmoreland Museum in Pennsylvania (e-architect)

2/4/2016 – Westmoreland Museum work clicks for photographer (Trib Live)

1/10/2016 – Art on Tap happy hour kicks off 2016 at Westmoreland Museum of American Art (Trib Live)

1/3/2016 – Top Parties of 2015 (Trib Live)

1/3/2016 – People to meet 2016: Ten people who are making their mark in Pittsburgh (Post-Gazette)

12/29/2015 – 2015 in Review: Museums (ArtFixDaily)

12/24/2015 – Raw beauty defines Simboli’s ‘Steel Mill’ (Post-Gazette)

12/23/2015 – Personality Test: Judith Hansen O’Toole (Trib Live)

12/20/2015 – Westmoreland Museum of American Art lecture focuses on Scaife bequest (Trib Live)

12/16/2015 – Arts calendar is rich is 2016 (Post-Gazette)

12/6/2015 – Presentation of the Westmoreland Society’s Gold Medal resumes after hiatus (Trib Live)

11/15/2015 – Art on Tap returns to renovated Westmoreland Museum of American Art (Trib Live)

11/7/2015 – A new look, more space for Westmoreland museum (Washington Observer-Reporter)

10/29/2015 – Curtain Rises on a Reinvented Westmoreland Museum of American Art (Pittsburgh Magazine)

10/25/2015 – Westmoreland Museum of American Art home again (Trib Live)

10/25/2015 – Grand re-opening of Westmoreland Museum of American Art ‘a proud moment for Greensburg’ (Trib Live)

10/24/2015 – Photo gallery: Gala marks reopening of Westmoreland art museum (Trib Live)

10/22/2015 – The new Westmoreland Museum of American Art expands the region’s cultural landscape (Post-Gazette)

10/20/2015 – Renovated Westmoreland Museum of American Art Showcases Newly-Acquired Collections (ARTFIXdaily)

10/18/2015 – Westmoreland Museum of American Art spreads its wings (Post-Gazette)

10/17/2015 – Westmoreland art museum ready to show off new look, collections (Trib Live)

10/16/2015 – Culture drives Greensburg renaissance (Post-Gazette)

9/11/2015 – Fall season celebrates art and Pittsburgh (Post-Gazette)

9/1/2015 – Celebrate The Westmoreland Museum of American Art’s Grand Reopening (Whirl Magazine)

8/21/2015 – Westmoreland County museum to reopen with new cafe cart (Post-Gazette)

8/13/2015 – VisitPittsburgh Says Conventions Could Drive A Record-Breaking Tourism Year (WESA website)

8/10/2015 – Westmoreland Museum of American Art to include lunch cart when it reopens in October (Trib Live)

8/09/2015 – Westmoreland Museum of American Art Honors Richard M. Scaife (Maine Antique Digest)

7/14/2015 – Westmoreland Museum closes temporary space to prep for reopening splurge (Trib Live)

7/12/2015 – Art on Tap at Westmoreland @rt 30 in Unity (Trib Live)

7/10/2015 – Westmoreland museum set to return to renovated location (Post-Gazette)

6/27/2015 – Westmoreland museum brought to life in miniature (Trib Live)

6/16/2015 – The Westmoreland Museum of American Art Honors Legacy of Richard M. Scaife (ArtFix Daily)

6/16/2015 – Westmoreland Museum finds way to honor Scaife by naming directorship after him (Pittsburgh Business Times)

6/16/2015 – Westmoreland Museum of American Art position renamed for Scaife (Trib Live)

4/01/2015 – Westmoreland collection expansion (Post-Gazette)

3/30/2015 – Richard M. Scaife Art Collection Bequest Now Finalized (ArtFix Daily)

3/28/2015 – Scaife additions to elevate status of two museums (Trib Live)