Art Making Activity: Relief Style Cut-Out Art

Enjoy this art making activity created for you by the Museum’s Studio Programs Coordinator Michael Carsone! Read on for Michael’s explanation behind the inspiration for the project and his step-by-step instructions.

During the better part of 2020 and now almost …

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Dive into Dorothy Lauer Davids’ The Swimming Pool


In The Swimming Pool, Davids depicts the end of an idyllic summer day at a swimming pool in a rural area, shown by the rolling hills dotted with the occasional house in the background. Interestingly, many of the …

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From Concept To Completion

Evolution of a Design by Helen Stiver, Charming Little Lotus

Hello, my name is Helen Louise, I use both first and middle names to honor my grandmothers whom I am named after. Born and raised in Southern California, my time …

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Interview with The Westmoreland’s Summer Interns

Internships have always been a vital part of the Westmoreland’s growth and development. While making internships accessible for students gives the Westmoreland a wonderful opportunity to share the experience of what it’s like to work within the many facets of …

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Take 5 with Architect, Artist and Muralist Doug Cooper

This summer from July 18 through October 10, 2021, Doug Cooper’s Knowing & Seeing the River City, an exhibition responding to the works of art in the Museum’s Scenes of Industry collection, will be on view in the McKenna …

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Fred Shaw, Fulcrum, & Analog Scroll

Pittsburgher, poet, adjunct professor and editor, Fred Shaw is the next writer whose poem is being featured on artist Janet Zweig’s Analog Scroll as part of the Museum’s ongoing Bridging the Gap public art project. Located on the North Main …

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Baltimore artist Stephen Towns on Declaration & Resistance and Fallingwater Residency

Nationally known painter and fiber artist, Stephen Towns (Baltimore, MD) is quite busy these days creating and finishing works for his upcoming solo exhibition, Stephen Towns: Declaration & Resistance, at The Westmoreland in 2022, while in residency at Fallingwater …

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Celebrating LGBTQIA+ Artists in the Collection

In celebration of LGBTQIA+ Pride Month and our upcoming Greensburg Pride Celebration, June 26, 5-9pm, you need to get to know these 5 LGBTQIA+ artists from our collection, three deceased and two active today, who have created compelling and incisive …

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Border Cantos | Sonic Border Exhibition Overview

Written by Chief Curator Barbara Jones

Opening on Sunday, May 30, Border Cantos | Sonic Border is a collaboration between American photographer Richard Misrach and Mexican American artist/composer Guillermo Galindo. Together, they explore the complexities of the Mexican-American border through …

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Acquisition Alert: “E-140A (Textured Yellow),” 1971 by Tadasky (1935)

In honor of AAPI Heritage month, we wanted to amplify and celebrate the work of Tadasky (Tadasuke Kuwayama), who surged onto the New York art scene in the early 1960s with his paintings of concentric circles exploring the interaction of …

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