Virtual Enrichment Video Series

This Virtual Enrichment Video Series highlights an artwork from the permanent collection or featured exhibition.

Join School Programs Manager Patrick as he explores the lore and histories inspiring certain pieces, Chief Curator Barbara Jones as she introduces you to one of our exhibitions, or Director of Education and Visitor Engagement Joan McGarry as she shares a lighthearted look at artworks from our permanent collection.

Virtual Enrichment with Bentley Brown

In this special virtual enrichment video, artist and curator Bentley Brown, son of artist Frederick Brown, offers a uniquely intimate perspective and deep analysis of his father’s painting John Henry, an artwork featured in African American Art in the 20th Century, a traveling exhibition organized by Smithsonian American Art Museum on view at The Westmoreland now through January 17, 2021.


Art in Focus: Complementary Exhibition to African American Art in the 20th Century

Become acquainted with artists and artworks from our featured exhibitions and permanent collection with Chief Curator Barbara Jones!

Art with a Side of History

Find out about the folklore and history revolving around certain artworks with School Programs Manager Patrick.

Art Bytes

Take a lighthearted look at pieces from our permanent collection with Director of Education and Visitor Engagement Joan McGarry.