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Virtual Livestreamed Mistress Class

Streamed live intermittently. Tune in for part 1 beginning at 10am, and part 2 beginning at 2pm.

  • Time: 10am–4pm

Artist in Residence Madame Dolores will create several sculptural pieces, with the assistance of fellow artist, Mistress of Sculpture, Danielle Robinson. Madame Dolores will draw on her time of working on an Upstate New York farm where she began creating Dolls that she sold at the Tribeca Farmer’s Market. They will work together to shape these doll forms guided by the theme of, “Knowledge vs Intelligence,” which will illustrate the complexity of marginalization, the strange contrary state of being invisible and visible at the same time. This Mistress Class will be livestreamed to illustrate how two women artists collaborate, share their knowledge and vulnerability, and build together. Tune in for part 1 beginning at 10am, and part 2 beginning at 2pm.

The Westmoreland Museum of American Art Artist-in-Residency Program is presented in partnership with BOOM Concepts and made possible by generous support from The Pittsburgh Foundation.


To register, click here or call 1.888.718.4253. 

Watch Part 1 of the Livestreamed Mistress Class, starting at 10am, below:


Watch Part 2 of the Livestreamed Mistress Class, starting at 2pm, below:

Christiane Dolores
Residency: August 15, 2021 – February 11, 2022
Multi-platform cross-disciplinary artist, Christiane Dolores, a.k.a. Madame Dolores, employs sound, vision, text, and performance as storytelling tools to create radical, sometimes controversial, cultural engagements. At the heart of her work is a humanistic empathy that questions our inability to coexist and reimagines new mythologies of inclusion and belonging. Her practice is rooted in responding to compelling questions about cultural definitions, the root of hatred, cognitive dissonance, binary systems, and the ongoing social conflicts of Us vs Them. She thinks of what she does as social-cultural anthropology, employing the ethnographic technique by culling audio, text and images to create a record of our struggle to be human. Her textual, visual, musical work responds to burgeoning questions about human behavior and inhuman cruelty. How are these confounding, at times, disturbing actions seen through the lens of justice, compassion and understanding and how will that propel us to evolve?

Photo by Danielle Robinson

Danielle Robinson: visual artist and painter
She has been an artist since the age of five. Drawing, painting and sculpting her way to Rodgers Middle School, CAPA High School (where she added photography to her creative endeavors), Columbus College of Art and Design (1year) and The Art Institute of Pittsburgh (1 year).

Danielle has worked with a variety of artists and musicians in the Pittsburgh area, and continues to grow her body of work.

“I hope with my art I can just encourage conversation.

I paint black women and animals as I see them, integrated into the fabric of my life, as fantastic goddesses, beasts and superheroes. This is the way I see us. We are more than a shade of brown.

The way I express myself on paper is a thoughtless process, I just create. I do love to combine some of my favorite styles of art to create something different and new. I combine graffiti-style, art-deco and African art as starting points in most of my work.”

Follow Danielle on social media
Facebook: @daniellerobinsonart1 and Instagram: @daniellerobingsonart.

Examples of Danielle’s Works–all photos taken by Danielle Robinson: 

Do You Want to Live Forever
I Found You
BOOM x Danielle
Black Dragon


  • Time: 10am–4pm
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