Ohr Ein Sof - Light Without End

by Jacob Bacharach

In the temple beside the cathedral is a golden tree of life,
The leaves bear human names.

The Tree of Life is a diagram of the universe,
everything between the light without end and what mom made

for dinner tonight, a bridge between the abstract and the actual,
the angels uptown and the guys stopping for a drink before

they go home to help the kids with algebra.
One day one of those kids will spot the weak girder:

A bridge seems to be permanent but is at best
a temporary link, straight where the real world dips beneath us.

Creation is only the precursor to infinite moments of maintenance.
The bolts have to be tightened and the concrete poured over again.

You must know the man, woman, or weird angel
Chilling on the other side is worth the trip.

Final Update on 07/31/19!