Yoga at the Museum

Yoga is back at The Westmoreland!
Yoga will start back up on Monday, September 9th!

Please, join us in welcoming our new certified yoga instructor, Sandra Saldanha, on Sept. 9! Please, arrive earlier on September 9th to meet Sandra and register. Coffee will be provided.

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 8:30-9:30am, certified instructor Sandra Saldanha will lead a “Basic Yoga” class (for everyone from beginners to advanced) in the Paul & Carol Evanson Community Room.

Drop-ins are welcome. Be sure to bring your own mat and water bottle. First timers, please come ten minutes early to register.

Sandra Saldanha:

Yoga, for Sandra, opens that space we inherited for self-study.  She is compelled by her interest in movement as the body’s expression of oneself in everyday space as well as, in its interior, contemplative life. After decades working with both Western and Indian movement forms, Sandra finds that yoga culminates in what it means to be perfectly natural, at home in one’s authentic self. In addition to specializing in the Indian movement form Kalaripayattu, she has been a performer, choreographer and teacher of performance studies at the undergraduate level. Her roots are in Pittsburgh where she has returned after “growing up” two daughters and a husband.

724-708-2280 cell