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Spanning four centuries, The Westmoreland’s permanent collection illuminates the breadth of American art and every work has a story to tell. The collection is constantly growing and evolving with continued additions of new acquisitions and donations.

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Featured Image for Paintings


The Westmoreland holds nearly 700 paintings spanning from the early 18th Century to the present in its permanent collection featuring an array of subject matters.

Featured Image for Southwestern Pennsylvania Landscapes

Southwestern Pennsylvania Landscapes

Landscape painting in North America are rich with history of discovery as it started as exploration documentation. See this collection of nature and the story of Pennsylvania’s evolution of scenes before the turn of industrial changes.

Featured Image for Decorative Arts

Decorative Arts

Daily used items or rare home collectibles allow us a window into cultures of the past. American decor has a rich, unique history bringing together multi-cultural influences and skilled craftsmanship.

Featured Image for Works on Paper

Works on Paper

Works on paper using media such as pencil, watercolor, pastels, and ink are included in our collection and comprise over 1,700 artworks.

Featured Image for Portraits


Capturing someone’s likeness, expression, or personality has been the pursuit of many artists over the centuries. See the historical figures, loved ones, commissions, and even strangers, who have been immortalized with a portrait.

Featured Image for Sculpture


Sculpture can come in many forms from stone and metal to ceramics and wood. Browse the many traditional and modern forms of sculpture represented in the Museum’s collection.

Featured Image for Fraktur


Fraktur is a type of folk art form the mid-eighteenth to the mid-nineteenth centuries. The name comes from a German script marked by “fractured” pen strokes. The calligraphic art is often used for certificates, illuminated books, and pictorial designs.

Featured Image for Born of Fire: The Valley of Work

Born of Fire: The Valley of Work

Pittsburgh has gone through drastic stages of growth and industry throughout American history. See the powerful literal and interpretive works that shows the shifting industrial tradition of Pittsburgh’s legacy.

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