Group Tours

If you wish to schedule a self-guided visit, please be aware that timed ticketing procedures apply.

To schedule a group visit, contact Erica Nuckles at

School Tours

The Museum offers many docent led, interactive, age-appropriate tours. All K-12 tours are completely free and run 30 to 40 minutes in length. It is highly recommended that tours are scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance.

  • Pennsylvania and American History
    This tour is offered primarily to 4th Grade, but can be adapted to fit the curriculum needs of social studies classes in elementary, middle or high school. Topics covered in this tour weave Pennsylvania’s history within the broader context of American history as applicable and can cover topics such as early Native American history, Colonialism, African American history, the Industrial Revolution, and the Steel Industry in Pittsburgh.
  • Kindergarten Tours
    Each kindergarten tour explores landscapes (students learn to look at landscapes through their five senses); or still life paintings (docent will construct a still life set up with help from students); or portraits (students are shown a portrait(s) and will be asked which emotion(s) the person in the portrait is feeling). Teachers are asked to select two of the above for the tour experience.
  • Emotions and Expressions
    This tour is one of our most popular tours for all grade levels as it explores the way in which artists employ a variety of techniques and materials to deliver emotional resonance. Dialogical and visual thinking strategies are a major component of this tour as students are encouraged to discuss what they see in the artworks and why they think the artist chose those approaches.

Tours can also be scheduled as a series across several days for a more in-depth experience. The Museum encourages classroom teachers to collaborate with the Museum’s Director of Learning, Engagement and Partnerships in the development of special focus tours.

For more information or to book a tour, contact Erica Nuckles, Director of Learning, Engagement and Partnerships, at

A group of elementary school children following a museum tour guide up a staircase towards The Westmoreland’s galleries.