Artist in Action Authorized Personnel Only

According to Scott, his mural Authorized Personnel Only is not meant to be ‘read’ literally but invites conversation from our visitors. It is a montage of images for viewers to explore and create their own story; multiple vignettes in which you find moments of order as well as chaos, reality and make-believe. The artist combines black and white and color imagery to convey the passage of time. One of his themes is privacy and information sharing: What is real and what isn’t? What is private and what isn’t? There is an ongoing threat of disaster present in the mural, i.e. firemen extinguishing a fire; policemen represent authority while a priest represents morality. All of this exists outside the world, which hovers at the upper edge of the canvas taking it all in.

Scott Hunter studied painting and art history at Boston University. He graduated in 1993 after a classically structured education based on intensive studio training and drawing from life. His related experience includes theatrical set design, illustration, commissioned portraits and wall murals. He lives in Pittsburgh with his wife Molly and two children, Lily and Henry.

Scott’s work is rooted in tradition, drawn from life and constructed with imagination. It is about the arrangement of images, textures, colors and shapes. Working in both a representational and non-representational manner while struggling with the need to merge figuration with a love of abstract expressionism, he produces two distinct bodies of work. Both tend to evoke a specific place or memory. The construction of each resonates with emotional presence. See more examples of his figurative as well as his abstract paintings on the monitor.
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