Jason Starr: Living in a Time of Distance

On view in the Robertshaw Gallery.

This body of photographs documents the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in communities and regions across the continental United States. The images were taken on a month-long cross-country road trip during July and August 2020. The creation of the exhibition was funded through an engagement grant that Jason Starr received through James Madison University.

Jason Starr is a photographer, gallery director, and student. He is a junior at James Madison University pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in political science and studio art. Additionally, he serves as the director at the ArtWorks student-run gallery at school. His work is a reflection of his identity and interpersonal experiences. He often finds himself influenced by his environment, the people close to him in his life at a given point in time, and issues he finds paramount on a personal and societal level. As a byproduct of this, his work is an exploration of human emotion, expression, beauty, and its presence in a specific space. It’s a conversation between the human form and how it’s perceived. He captures moments that are fleeting and genuine to the subjects he decides to photograph.

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