Middle School Tours

6th-8th: Learning to Look

This is a two hour guided tour that includes an art-making activity. Students will learn how to look carefully at and appreciate art through fun activities including drawing and creative writing.   

*Curriculum Standards: 

– 6th Grade: 1.4.6.M, 1.4.6.N, 9.1.8.A, 9.1.8.B, 9.1.8.C, 9.1.8.E, 9.1.8.H, 9.2.8.E, 9.1.8.F, 9.2.8.I, 9.3.8.A, 9.3.8.B, 9.3.8.C, 9.3.8.D 

– 7th Grade: 1.4.7.M, 1.4.7.N, 9.1.8.A, 9.1.8.B, 9.1.8.C, 9.1.8.E, 9.1.8.G, 9.1.8.H, 9.2.8.A, 9.3.8.A, 9.3.8.B, 9.3.8.C, 9.3.8.D, 9.3.8.D 9.3.8. E, 9.3.8.F, 9.3.8.G 

– 8th Grade: 1.4.8.M, 1.4.8.N, 9.1.8.E, 9.1.8.F, 9.1.8.I, 9.2.8.C, 9.2.8.D, 9.2.8.E, 9.2.8.L, 9.3.8.A, 9.3.8.B, 9.3.8.D, 9.3.8.E, 9.3.8.F 

*Due to the limitations of time and available content, the combination of curriculum standards will vary tour to tour. Please let us know if there is an area of emphasis within the listed curriculum standards you need for your class and we will do our best accommodate your request. 

How to Book 

To book a school tour, outreach program, and/or teacher workshop, please contact Amanda Denham, Education Programs Manager, adenham@thewestmoreland.org, 724.837.1500 x141 

When you email or call to book a tour and/or outreach, please have the following information ready: 

Requests must be made at least 1 month prior to visit.  Please make reservations as far in advance as possible to avoid schedule conflicts.