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Recent Posts from The Westmoreland

Art Making Activity: A Woman of Importance

I am not going to tell you that finding inspiration to create is easy. It is not. It can be a real challenge. It seems time is rarely on our side. Then you must grapple with the notion of what is possible within that context as well as within your own comfort level. But don’t … Continued

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Animated Landscape: Magnolia 1888

Set sail with Joseph Ryan Woodwell’s painting, “Magnolia” and visit the coast of Magnolia, Massachusetts! Dive into this seascape favorite from the Museum’s permanent collection and learn a little more about this work and its maker below! Joseph Woodwell was born in Pittsburgh, the son of woodcarver and hardware business owner Joseph W. Woodwell. Encouraged … Continued

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Art Making Activity: For the Birds

My inspiration for this week’s art making activity was birds. I was thinking about birds for a couple reasons. The first being that my reaction to many things these days has become “That’s for the birds!” = (my Gramma would be proud). The second is the train of thought following the age-old question, “Wouldn’t it … Continued

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