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Dive into Dorothy Lauer Davids’ The Swimming Pool

  In The Swimming Pool, Davids depicts the end of an idyllic summer day at a swimming pool in a rural area, shown by the rolling hills dotted with the occasional house in the background. Interestingly, many of the figures are faceless, lending an air of an anonymity to the vignette, that this could be … Continued

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From Concept To Completion

Evolution of a Design by Helen Stiver, Charming Little Lotus Hello, my name is Helen Louise, I use both first and middle names to honor my grandmothers whom I am named after. Born and raised in Southern California, my time was split between navigating the rip tides of the Pacific and hiking the rocky San … Continued

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Interview with The Westmoreland’s Summer Interns

Internships have always been a vital part of the Westmoreland’s growth and development. While making internships accessible for students gives the Westmoreland a wonderful opportunity to share the experience of what it’s like to work within the many facets of a museum career, it also provides us the honor of growing with the next generation … Continued

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