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Recent Posts from The Westmoreland

Art Making Project: Animal Interpretation!

Challenge:  Animal Interpretation! Using one of the following suggestions (or pick your own!) from the collection, create a new interpretation of the work using animals to replace the characters depicted. Basic Supplies: Pencil and Paper! Additional Supplies: Tracing Paper, Ipad (if you have one!), Markers, Crayons, Acrylic Paint. So where to begin? Step 1 Select … Continued

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Art Madness March Madness

Just because March Madness was cancelled, doesn’t mean you can’t win bragging rights by creating the best bracket! Participate in #ArtMadness, a tournament pitting 16 of our staff’s favorite artworks against each other! Print and fill out a bracket. Follow our Instagram and vote on who you think should advance to the Elite Eight and … Continued

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Art Making Project: “Moon Masque”

#MuseumFromHome Art Making Project inspired by Loïs Mailou Jones’ “Moon Masque” From The Westmoreland’s Studio Programs Coordinator Michael Carsone (a.k.a. The Quarantine Crafter) Join us in creating this all ages #MuseumFromHome Art Making Project, inspired by Loïs Mailou Jones’ Moon Masque! This vividly colored work by Jones is featured in African American Art in the … Continued

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