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3 Things You Can’t Miss at The Westmoreland This Fall!

As the air gets crisper, the temperature gets chillier and the leaves start to turn glorious shades of red, yellow and orange, The Westmoreland has planned some fall happenings that simply shouldn’t be missed! Below is our top 3 list of fun fall events happening at the Museum this autumn! Choose which event(s) you want to attend and mark them on your calendars now!

1. Community Day: Celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we are acknowledging and celebrating Hispanic/Latin Americans from our local communities with music, dance and performances! During all of the festivities, you might even learn a thing or two about that you didn’t know about this vibrant culture like:

Did you know Zumba, a popular fitness aerobics dance to Latin Music, originated from Colombia in the ‘90s when dancer and choreographer Alberto Perez was teaching an aerobics class, forgot his regular music and taught along to salsa and merengue music instead? Diana Sanchez Tabon will lead a Zumba performance from 11:30am-12noon!

Do you know what Flamenco is? Flamenco is a hybrid art form, fusing song (cante), dance (baile), and music (toque). Cante is when men or women sing while seated without any accompanying singers. Baile is a seductive courtship dance with complex technique, expressing emotions from sadness to joy. Toque, is the art of musicianship and includes the playing of guitar, as well as castanets, hand-clapping and foot-stamping. Flamenco is usually performed at rituals, church ceremonies, religious festivals and private celebrations. Experience this stunning art form at our Community Day where Maria Nunez will be performing Flamenco!

What is El Día de los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead? El Día de los Muertos actually takes place over 2 days, November 1-2, and is a way for Hispanic and Latino cultures to honor deceased family members. According to National Geographic, El Día de los Muertos came from the Axtec, Toltec and other Nahua people, who believed that mourning or grieving the dead was disrespectful. During El Día de los Muertos, deceased family members temporarily returned to the living world, were welcomed back into their families and celebrated with gifts, food and drink for those two days. At our Community Day, University of Pitt Greensburg’s Spanish Club will be creating an ofrenda (altar), so in honor of El Día de los Muertos you are invited to bring an object (like a copy of a picture) to remember and honor your own ancestors.

2. Art on Tap 2.0: Oktoberfest, Friday, October 11!

We know that our Art on Tap Oktoberfest falls after the traditional celebration from September 21 to October 6 in Munich Germany, but did you know that the very first Oktoberfest was actually just a really awesome wedding reception?

Bavaria’s Crown Prince Ludwig of Bavaria married Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen on Oct. 12 in 1810 and the people of Munich celebrated with several days of feasting, drinking and horse racing. The first Oktoberfest united a very young country and has been repeated every year, barring war and disease.

The main Oktoberfest celebration occurs annually and they still hold close to Bavarian traditions. Only the original six Bavarian breweries provide beer, traditional Bavarian music is played, and people dress in traditional clothing, dirndls and Lederhosen. They use the Oktoberfest Stein’s classic design, which is already more than a century old, and a new printed motif to create a Commemorative Oktoberfest Stein every year.

No need to travel to Munich though, celebrate Oktoberfest at our upcoming Art on Tap 2.0, Friday, Oct. 11, 5-9pm, where you can taste some local brews, eat a pretzel necklace, get our Commemorative Art on Tap Oktoberfest Stein (inspired by the Joy and David Brocklebank Collection of frakturs), peruse our fraktur collection, enjoy polka music by The Mikey Dee Band and more Oktoberfest themed fun! Regular tickets are $10 members/$15 for non-members. Visit Art on Tap 2.0 Oktoberfest for more information!


3. Community Day: Fall Spooktacular, Sunday, November 3!

Summer is better than autumn. That’s a FALLacy. Get it?! This Community Day promises to be a spooktacular combination of everything you love about fall, including a Costume Contest, apples, pumpkins, spooky stories and more!

View some master carvers create incredibly detailed works of art on pumpkins, and learn a little more about how and why carving pumpkins is a seasonal tradition.

Come in costume to enter our costume contest! Need costume ideas? Make a costume inspired by your favorite work of art:

Sip on some hot apple cider while listening to spooky, but not too scary, stories as well.

Make plans to attend this free community event and start thinking about your costume!

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