Art Making Activity: Silent Season

Will Barnet was a 20th-century American artist best known for his paintings and prints created in his distinctively flat, stylized aesthetic. Throughout his classically elegant depictions of both everyday life and dreams, Barnet tinged his work with symbolic meaning. His …

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Art Making Activity: One-Point Perspective Drawing

This week’s art making activity is inspired by James Whistler’s drawing, “Canal, San Canciano, Venice” (c.1880). One-point perspective is easy to learn and is a necessary skill for improving your drawing talent.

One-point perspective is a drawing method that shows …

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Art Making Activity: Watercolor Memories

As evidenced by the title, this week’s art activity was inspired by Maurice Brazil Prendergast’s (1858-1924), Bathers, St. Malo a watercolor in The Westmoreland’s permanent collection and my own memories of visiting the beach with my family.

I would start …

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Landscape: Tower Falls and Sulphur Mountain, Yellowstone National Park

Now at a time when we find ourselves stuck, both literally in our homes and figuratively in a mental state of uncertainty, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are looking for easy escapes to transport us away from …

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Art Making Activity: Paper Quilling

Inspired by this Chest Over Drawers furniture piece in our folk art collection. Looking at the pinwheel-like design of the flower within the columns, I knew I wanted to recreate the design by quilling.

Quilling involves using strips of paper …

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Art Making Activity: Lion Marionette

Art Making Project: Lion (actually any four-legged pal) Marionette!
This week I attempted to create a simple marionette style puppet, using simple materials you probably have at home or could acquire easily. For this week, I would highly suggest reading …

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Art Making Activity: Animal Interpretation!

Challenge:  Animal Interpretation!

Using one of the following suggestions (or pick your own!) from the collection, create a new interpretation of the work using animals to replace the characters depicted.

Basic Supplies: Pencil and Paper!
Additional Supplies: Tracing Paper, …

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Art Madness March Madness

Just because March Madness was cancelled, doesn’t mean you can’t win bragging rights by creating the best bracket!

Participate in #ArtMadness, a tournament pitting 16 of our staff’s favorite artworks against each other! Download your Art Madness Bracket, print …

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Can you name 5 Women Artists? We can!

If you can’t or are struggling to do so, it’s because conventionally women have been dramatically underrepresented in museums, galleries, and auction houses.

According to a joint investigation by artnet News and In Other Words, just 11% of all acquisitions …

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The Fine Art of Conservation: A Crucial Component

Art is glorious to behold. It can be awe-inspiring, shocking, moving, challenging, and motivating. A work of art doesn’t remain that way by itself though.

There’s a lot of maintenance, cleaning, and care that goes on behind the scenes to …

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