Celebrating LGBTQ Artists in the Collection: Tom Rowlands (1926-1991)

In honor of LGBTQ Pride Month last month and our upcoming Pride Celebration Week, July 27-31, we are highlighting LGBTQ artists from our permanent collection and featuring their work in the Robertshaw Gallery windows.

The second LGBTQ artist that …

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Celebrating LGBTQ Artists in the Collection: Larry Calcagno (1913-1980)

In honor of LGBTQ Pride Month last month and our upcoming Pride Celebration Week, July 27-31, The Westmoreland wanted to highlight the work of LGBTQ artists that are in our permanent collection.

Lawrence Calcagno, better known as Larry, was an …

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Art Making Activity: A Woman of Importance

I am not going to tell you that finding inspiration to create is easy. It is not. It can be a real challenge. It seems time is rarely on our side. Then you must grapple with the notion of what …

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Animated Landscape: Magnolia 1888

Set sail with Joseph Ryan Woodwell’s painting, “Magnolia” and visit the coast of Magnolia, Massachusetts! Dive into this seascape favorite from the Museum’s permanent collection and learn a little more about this work and its maker below!

Joseph Woodwell was …

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Art Making Activity: For the Birds

My inspiration for this week’s art making activity was birds. I was thinking about birds for a couple reasons. The first being that my reaction to many things these days has become “That’s for the birds!” = (my Gramma would …

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National Train Day & Otto August Kuhler

Did you know that the Saturday before May 10 used to be #NationalTrainDay, a day observed annually since 2008 to spread information on the history of the railway system, but then Amtrak discontinued it in 2016? We didn’t either.

What …

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Art Making Activity: Silent Season

Will Barnet was a 20th-century American artist best known for his paintings and prints created in his distinctively flat, stylized aesthetic. Throughout his classically elegant depictions of both everyday life and dreams, Barnet tinged his work with symbolic meaning. His …

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Art Making Activity: One-Point Perspective Drawing

This week’s art making activity is inspired by James Whistler’s drawing, “Canal, San Canciano, Venice” (c.1880). One-point perspective is easy to learn and is a necessary skill for improving your drawing talent.

One-point perspective is a drawing method that shows …

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Art Making Activity: Watercolor Memories

As evidenced by the title, this week’s art activity was inspired by Maurice Brazil Prendergast’s (1858-1924), Bathers, St. Malo a watercolor in The Westmoreland’s permanent collection and my own memories of visiting the beach with my family.

I would start …

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Landscape: Tower Falls and Sulphur Mountain, Yellowstone National Park

Now at a time when we find ourselves stuck, both literally in our homes and figuratively in a mental state of uncertainty, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are looking for easy escapes to transport us away from …

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